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Introducing the Lavender Patch

As you know, we have decided to keep the farm closed for the rest of the season. We hope to be able to attend some of our fall festivals, but we are still taking it one day at a time. Thank you all for continuing to purchase our products online!

With the diagnosis of my MS, we have also decided to downsize our field. At one point, we had over 1000 lavender plants. Heaven. The weather the last few years, however, has been unkind to those plants. Therefore, we will be dismantling the field. Meaning, we are transplanting our healthy plants to new locations and pulling out those whose life has expired.

We are starting with our new Lavender Patch! It is located behind The Farmhouse where I can view it from the back porch! We planted close to 150 plants in purple, pink, and white last weekend. The first few rows are a "patch"work of colors with our larger Phenomenal plants making up the background. A small space was left empty in the middle to allow for a pretty blanket to be thrown down for casual pictures to be taken among the blooms.

On Friday, my dad, sister, and brother-in-law were able to lay the weed fabric. Saturday, my daughter helped to plant as I could only scoot along. I cut the holes; she planted. My sister came again Sunday to finish up the last rows. We just took our time and enjoyed the beautiful weather--even the rain showers! Believe it or not, we had on jackets and hats in June.

Now, we get to watch it grow!

We are also looking for garden art to add to the patch! Do you have any ideas on how to landscape it? Please share!

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