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When you arrive at our farm, we will gladly take you on a tour of our variety bed providing you with background information, how we started our lavender business, and the many uses of lavender.

Since 2020 we have been downsizing our farm operations and focusing on our products.  Therefore, we will only be offering our luncheon and workshops as special events.  Please follow us on Facebook for up-do-date information.  
**Prices subject to change.

Lavender Luncheon

Our Lavender Luncheon is one of our most popular activities at the farm.  We serve a refreshing menu with lavender being our star ingredient.  Our kitchen is not open on a daily basis, so please watch for preset dates to make a reservation.

Limited availability


$25 per person.

lemon lav pound cake 5.jpg

Taste of Lavender Dessert Tour

Would you like to sample the sweet "Taste of Lavender"?  Our dessert menu changes, but the types of food we provide for tasting may include:  Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Rum Cake, Lavender Cookies, Lavender Fudge, and Homemade Rolls with one of our Lavender Jams.  Please watch for preset

dates to make a reservation.  

Limited availability

Limited seating

$20 per person

mini sachets 2.jpg

Sachet-Making Workshop

Take home two handmade lavender sachets after attending this workshop!  Sit down to a demonstration and hands-on workshop where you will defoliate your own dried lavender bundle, collect the buds, create grill sticks, and create two organza sachets.

This workshop may pop up anytime, so please follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information.

  $15 per person

Lavender Wand Workshop

While the lavender is in the midst of blooming with tight beautiful buds full of fragrance, we offer you the opportunity to create a magical lavender wand during your visit to the farm.​

The workshop includes fresh lavender, supplies, instruction time, and time to complete a wand of your very own to take home. 

Limited time only -- June through July. 

$15 per person


Herbal Tea Garden Workshop

Join us for an informational workshop on the common herbs grown for tea, create two custom tea blends to take home, and enjoy sampling a hot chamomile lavender tea as well as an iced mint lemon tea alongside tea sandwiches, scones, and sweets.

​Follow us on Facebook to see when the herbs will be ready.

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