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Available June through September. 


Our kitchen is not open on a daily basis, so please gather a group of 10+ and reserve a date to dine. 


Cost is $25 per person.

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Our Lavender Luncheon Menu


Lavender Lemonade


One of our guests' favorites!  You can smell the floral

essence of the lavender before your first sip.


Curried Lavender Chicken Salad


Poached chicken mixed with celery, onion, apple,

cranberries, and pecans has a curry lavender dressing to make for a unique, flavorful salad.


Homemade Yeast Rolls


Soft buttery bread!  A great base for your chicken salad.


Mixed Green Salad


Our spring mix of greens are dressed with a lavender

honey vinaigrette for a slightly sweet flavor.


Deviled Eggs


A staple of the South, our eggs have a touch of lavender

sugar to enhance the overall sweet taste.


Lavender Rum Cake


Moist, golden cake!  Lavender is found in the batter

as well as decorating the top.  The cake is finished with a buttery rum glaze.

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