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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

In 1965 Charles and Judith Brothers purchased this 109-acre farm.  They have been living here since, and here they raised four children -- Teresa, Michael, Denise, and Bill.

Through the years, the farm has produced cows, pigs, chickens, etc., but its main source of income always came from tobacco.  The current status of tobacco, however, has given the family a reason to consider another crop to keep utilizing the farm.

All four children are now married with children of their own, but they have remained fairly close to the Brooksville area.  Teresa and Michael both have farms in Bracken County, and in fall 2004 Bill purchased additional acres adjacent to Mom and Dad.  In October of 2004, Denise became quite homesick and wanted to purchase land close to the home farm as well.

Denise's husband Gerry is a New York transplant.  It was going to take a lot of convincing to get him to buy a farm!  When he told Denise that they couldn't just buy a farm without doing something with it, that's all it took for her to get on the computer researching the ins and outs of starting a lavender farm.

By Thanksgiving that year, she had her brothers asking questions.  Were they humoring her?  Or were they interested?  Sis was all for it!

Apparently, Mom and Dad were interested!  The phone began ringing in all of our households, and we were asked if we would be helping them with their new venture -- lavender.

​By February 2005 all the kids had volunteered their kids to help with starting the lavender farm!  The name was chosen to be "Lavender Hills of Kentucky."

The year 2005 brought the planting of our first lavender field.  In 2006 the field produced over 750 bundles, and the farm-site gift shop opened.  2007 brought more expansion with the planting of a variety bed, the appearances at more local festivals including Kentucky Wool Fest, and the beginning of guided tours on the farm.

In March 2007, Denise finally convinced Gerry to purchase land in Bracken County only one mile from the original lavender field!  Once he saw all the open space that could be his, he really wasn't that hard to convince! 

Renovations have already begun on the existing farmhouse, and plans to expand the lavender business and bring additional tourism to this location have also started.

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