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It's Festival Time!

Fall festivals have already started, and the holidays are on their way. This is the busiest season for many small businesses. No need to rely on foreign supply chains! Please join us in promoting Buy Local!

At local festivals and shops, you'll find one-of-a-kind crafts. They may be fall or holiday decorations, handmade hats and gloves, fresh-baked bread, or locally grown apples and pumpkins. Keeping your dollars close to home helps improve the local economy, and it is always better made and better tasting!! Buy Local!

Here are a few of our small items you may consider for Secret Santa, stocking stuffers, or a treat for yourself this season.

Handmade soaps in various scents
Loofah Soap Set with peppermint, lavender, and lemon scents
Apple Spice Simmering Scents
Lotion Tarts
Lip Balms
Mini Lavender Sachets
Lavender Hot Chocolate Mix
Lavender Sugar Scrub Bars
Lavender Jams

Or consider making your own small gifts for friends, co-workers, and family this season.

How fun would it be to make a bath salt sundae!
And we all need coasters and trivets around the house. We have some beautiful images of our lavender in a set of four coasters.
Cocktails are year 'round, of course, but even more so at holiday time. Gather around the fire pit and sip on hot apple cider or lavender hot chocolate. But for a holiday party, rim some glasses for a special treat for your guests.

Chili lime salt is a great alternative to celery salt for a Bloody Mary or a Watermelon Margarita. Our rosemary salt complements a Salty Dog, and our basil salt is perfect for a Strawberry Basil Vodka.
Of course, our herbal salts are also a perfect gift for the foodie in your life as they are excellent seasonings for fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Handmade Christmas ornaments become a treasured item for families through the years. We have been creating quilted Christmas ornaments similar to the one below, and they are so sweet!
Would you be interested in a workshop for any of these projects? Maybe we could put something together for a craft day.
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