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35 Below Wind Chill

During the last weeks of 2022, Mother Nature put us in a deep freeze! Our poor lavender! We have no idea how much damage we may encounter come spring. Fingers crossed.

Also near the end of 2022, we planted 300 daffodil bulbs. All yellow. Beside our beautiful antique barn. We can't wait to see the happy little blooms that signal spring is on the way, or at least we hope they bloom this year. Fingers double crossed.

But let's look at what's before us--Valentine's Day!

Would you like to do something special for your Valentine? It may just need to be a cup of coffee in the morning. But make it a good one.

Or you may go all out with pancakes or waffles!

There are several more recipes to choose from in our digital recipe booklet, Start the Day with Lavender. Download from our website at Culinary Collection | LH update (

Mornings are very busy at our house, so a nice candlelit dinner at home may be more appropriate on a cold February day. Your menu could be something like this:

Begin with a cocktail. Maybe a Lavender Martini or a Lavender Whiskey Sour.

Additional drink recipes can be found on our website. Download Blooming Beverages at Culinary Collection | LH update (

Add a nice crab cake appetizer for two as you savor your cocktail.

Next bring to the table a simple green salad with Lavender Honey Dressing and a delicious Lavender Foccacia with butter.

The main course could be a lavender grilled salmon, grilled herb parmesan asparagus, and vegetable risotto with goat cheese and lavender. YUMMY!

All of these recipes and many more are available on our website at Culinary Collection | LH update (

And, of course, Valentine's Day has to have a decadent chocolate dessert!

Enjoy planning your special day!

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