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Summer Garden Party

With all the time indoors, I've had the opportunity to watch several old black and white movies. It seems like all the ladies were having tons of fun at garden parties. Are garden parties still a thing? They should be!

Decorations, nature, pretty dresses, friends, and food! I've been playing on Pinterest and found all kinds of cool ideas.

Look how pretty! I don't have all the lush greenery and bushes to nestle a table in, but I do have hydrangeas and a glue gun to make those centerpieces! Oh, and I also have a lavender patch in my backyard! I have a couple of white tents to decorate that could provide the shade for appetizer tables and less formal seating.

Most garden parties are centered around the outdoor flower garden, but maybe the vegetable garden should also be spotlighted with easy bite-sized eats.

Individual veggie cups allow guests to double dip!

Focus on your own home-grown produce by using cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers with your favorite ranch dressing or other dip.

Another no-fuss appetizer would be Caprese bites using fresh basil pesto and cherry tomatoes straight from the vine.

Most finger foods can be made ahead of time for more time to mingle and enjoy the party.

Don't forget to make use of those beautiful herbs in your garden to use in your icy cold drinks.

Mint iced tea is a must.

Lavender lemonade for sure.

Or maybe a watermelon basil margarita!

And why not add to your overall decorations with decorated cupcakes for dessert.

Oh, the possibilities!

Instead of garden parties, all the rage seems to be wine and canvas parties, or paint and sip. What other titles have you heard them called?

Friends are coming together to create a painted canvas while relaxing with a glass of wine. Maybe something like this:

I don't know. I don't think mine would look this good.

If you're not quite that creative, you could always just make a simple favor for your guests to take home. A lavender sachet would be perfect!

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