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Sachet-Making Workshop

Take home two handmade lavender sachets after attending this workshop!  You will be guided on a tour of our variety bed learning the different varieties of lavender and the wonderful aromatherapy benefits of this fragrant herb.  You may also stop at our gift shop to see the many products that we have created from our harvest that include products for the bedroom, bath, kitchen, and home.
Then sit down to a demonstration and hands-on workshop where you will defoliate your own dried lavender bundle, collect the buds, create grill sticks, and create two organza sachets.

Your sachets are perfect for your lingerie drawer, as a moth-chaser in your closet, in your car as an air freshener, or as a tuck-in for your pillow case to help you drift off to sleep.  The scent will last for years with just a gentle squeeze.

Use your grill sticks as skewers for grilling or soak in water and place on the coals immediately before adding meat to the grill.  Adds a great smoky taste with a touch of lavender.  May also be used in the outside fire pit to deter mosquitoes or the inside fireplace to fill the room with the essence of lavender.

Sachet-Making Workshop

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