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Putting Things in Order

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of the first things that we needed to do on the farm was to clean up!

This property had been rental property for decades. I remember some of my friends living there when I was growing up. The latest tenants, however, were not as particular as my friends' families in keeping the property looking nice.

We were left with trash in the house, the yard, the buildings, and the field! Apparently, the tenants were four or five months behind in their rent, had no trash pickup service, and had recently had their water turned off. However, they were watching cable on a huge TV when we did a walk through of the house.

Remember, I grew up on a farm and didn't have an over abundance of money either, but our parents would never allow us to sit and watch TV if our yard and field looked like this one did!

Once the tenants left the premises, we started in the house. There was trash left in every room! We must have filled and carried out at least 20 large trash bags full of stuff! Once we found the floor, the carpet came out next. That's when we found that most of the original wood floors were in pretty good shape. The kitchen and bathroom floors had stick on tiles, and we found lots of holes and wood rot underneath. We expected a lot worse than what we actually found.

Now to get rid of all that trash! We had to have the EPA declare the site a dump! So when we tell people that we bought a dump, we weren't kidding!

But look at it now! We recently put on a new roof, replaced all the windows, and added new siding. We're still working on the porch, and it has only taken us 10 years!

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