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Lavender in Your Home

Simple ways to bring lavender into every room of your home:

  • adding a bowl of lavender to a table by your front door to greet guests

  • adding lavender oil to a diffuser or mixed with oil in an oil lamp to create a nice aroma before entertaining

  • throwing dried lavender stems into a dying fire in the fireplace

  • burning lavender candles to freshen any room

  • hanging door bows to make a beautiful greeting as we cross the threshold

  • using lavender sachets in clothes closets, drawers, and linen closets

  • using lavender oil in a lamp oil ring to release lavender fragrance from the heat of the light bulb

  • renew potpourri with lavender oil

  • adding lavender clippings as mulch to repel insects in the garden and keep mildew at bay

  • ​adding a drop of lavender oil to a paper towel and placing it in the bottom of the laundry hamper

  • adding a drop of oil into the final rinse of delicates to add a light lasting fragrance

  • keeping a bowl of fresh or dried lavender flowers in your bedroom

  • adding oil to an air purifier or furnace filter to freshen the whole house

  • using lavender flowers in place of other carpet fresheners

  • placing lavender in your basement to deter insects

  • planting lavender plants around your home, patio, and garden to help repel insects

  • boiling 3 Tablespoons of lavender buds in a quart of water.  After steeping and cooling, transfer to a spray bottle to spray pets and their sleeping areas.

  • sprinkling flower buds under couch cushions and other places adding even more lavender fragrance when you later vacuum them up

  • adding 8-10 drops of lavender oil to a warm bath before retiring for the evening

  • creating a lavender mineral bath by combining 1/2 cup Epsom salts with 1/2 cup of Sea Salt Minerals to 25-50 drops of lavender essential oil.  Leave overnight and then use by the handful in a warm bath.


Lavender is an herb that is often overlooked when filling your spice rack.  However, fresh lavender flowers are excellent additions to several desserts.  The dried lavender buds are more herbal and more suited for savory and meat dishes. The entire stalk of lavender with leaves and flowers can be used to infuse vinegar, oil, and sugar.  Remember to use organically grown products.


  • When using dried lavender in a recipe that calls for fresh, the substitution ratio is one third of that amount dried.  One pound of dried lavender buds equals roughly 15 cups.  ​

  • Lavender is a member of the mint family and is close to rosemary, sage, and thyme.

  • English Lavender has the sweetest fragrance of all the lavenders and is the one most commonly used in cooking.

  • Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor, with lemon and citrus notes.

  • Lavender has a very strong flavor; the secret is that a little goes a long way.

  • The lavender flowers add a beautiful color to salads.

  • Lavender can also be substituted for rosemary in many bread recipes.

  • Create lavender sugar by adding buds to sugar and tightly sealing for a couple of weeks.  Then use the sugar in your normal cake and dessert recipes.

  • Use the stems for making kabobs before grilling.

  • Lavender flowers look beautiful and taste great with chocolate, champagne, and in ice cream!


​Fill your wedding with the lovely fragrance and charm of lavender.  Afterall, lavender is a sign of love and devotion, and lavender enhances romantic and physical desire.

  • throwing lavender buds (instead of rice) for wedding tosses

  • creating bridesmaids bouquets that will last for years

  • providing a fragrance bag as the place setting favors for your wedding guests

  • tying bundles of dried or fresh lavender with bows for the end of each seating row at the ceremony

  • having the flower girl toss dried lavender buds along the aisle -- aroma will be released as the bridal party walks down the aisle thus alleviating wedding day jitters for the bride!

  • placing dried or fresh lavender stems in small vases at the reception

  • using a ribbon-trimmed bundle of fresh lavender as the bridal bouquet toss

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