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Lavender Luncheon

For the past three years, we have been hosting a lavender luncheon the last Saturday of May to kickstart our season that usually opens the first weekend of June.

It's fun and delicious!

Since our farmhouse is small, we made the hard decision to cancel this annual event and not schedule any group luncheons this season due to the virus guidelines. We miss you guys! Especially during our 15th anniversary year!

But how did our luncheons get started?

Way back when we first began welcoming guests to our farm, we mainly had a gorgeous view and a few lavender products in our gift shop. We started with the basics of dried bundles and all types of sachets. But, we kept experimenting and kept adding new products including culinary lavender.

Our first step was to get a Home-Based Processing certification. This allowed us to make certain food products in our home kitchen with an ingredient we grew--lavender. So, we started offering our Taste of Lavender Dessert Tour that included white chocolate lavender cookies, lavender fudge, lavender rum cake, homemade yeast rolls with strawberry lavender jam, and lavender lemonade. Often times, our groups would be visiting George Clooney's hometown of Augusta for lunch and then come to us for dessert!

We were always being asked by groups where they could have lunch during a visit to our farm, so the wheels started turning. Two years after planting our first field, we purchased a farm one mile from the lavender with an old farmhouse in need of some TLC. We installed a certified kitchen to begin offering our Lavender Luncheon.

We offer luncheons for groups of 10 or more to schedule throughout our season. These are extremely popular, but we also had several small groups of two or three that wanted to attend. That's when we started offering what we call Open Luncheons with a set date for these small groups to make reservations. We have been steadily adding more dates each year!

With the virus guidelines, however, we are being overly cautious and cancelling these beloved events this season. If not later this summer, we'll be back next year offering this delicious menu:

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