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Empty Nest

Soon it will be just me and my husband in the house again.

Our youngest will be graduating from college in May. She moved out (7 miles away) two years ago and has been doing great! Very proud. Her job prospects look extremely promising. Everybody loves her everywhere she works.

Our oldest started looking to buy a condo in January 2020. Then COVID hit, and the search abruptly ended. She's been keeping an eye on the housing market; it's booming! Prices have skyrocketed, and things are sold within a day of hitting the market, and now interest rates are on the rise. She made an offer on a condo, had the inspection, negotiated for a few fixes, and is waiting to close later this month. She'll be 10 miles away.

The main living area has been painted with new floors, new kitchen cabinets, and new appliances. It's a top-floor unit, so it has vaulted ceilings which makes it feel much larger than it is. Now it just needs to be personalized.

She's going to start with painting her bedrooms. New paint automatically makes rooms look, feel, and smell fresh. That's what it needs. It needs to smell fresh. Lucky she has a mom with a lavender farm!

Being her own place, she gets to be as feminine or sophisticated as she wants. Starting in her closets. She has a small walk-in closet that is in need of an organizational unit and girly wallpaper! Here is her inspiration.

Her guest room has a double closet that could look like this!

And let's not forget her laundry closet. Her washer and dryer are tucked away in the hall closet as you walk in the front door. She realizes that she will not live here forever, but she is planning to add built-in storage wherever possible for the next owner/tenant. And peel and stick wallpaper will be a breeze to remove!

I love this idea so much that I think I'll paint and wallpaper my linen closet! I just purged several old towels (do towels ever wear out?) and reorganized everything into storage cubes. While it's still clean and organized would be a great time to paint and paper!

Every closet really needs to have some lavender. Lavender repels moths, removes musty odors, repels insects, and keeps your clothes smelling clean and fresh. We make what we call lavender by the yard. You may hang the whole thing from your closet rod or snip it apart into eight separate sachets to be used in your drawers, between your towels, or stored with your sweaters.

She will also need to add to her laundry shelf a package of dryer sachets and a bottle of lavender laundry detergent for a touch of home.
As she unpacks her bedroom, she'll be using our lavender linen spray on her bedding and the same-scented liners for her dresser drawers. I want to make sure she gets a good night's sleep.
We can't leave out her bathrooms. Adding lavender to the shower with eucalyptus is one idea to create a spa-like atmosphere. The combination is also great for your physical and mental well-being. The release of natural oils helps relieve congestion during allergy/cold season and naturally relieves stress after a long day at work. Of course, there will also be a basket of our lavender soaps, bath salts, and sugar scrubs.

As we have been planning for her move, we realized how much lavender we use in our daily lives from cleaning to relaxing. Which gave us the idea to offer a spring cleaning box for the month of April. We'll collect some of our favorite household items for a bundle price. Keep watching for when we put it on sale!

Once our daughter gets her rooms painted, furniture moved in, and all her lavender spread around the apartment, she'll be able to decide what color to paint the inside of her front door! My girl wants color!
I love this idea too! What color should I paint the inside of our front door?? Our outside color is midnight plum that I love. I'm thinking blue.

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