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2020, I Want a Do Over!

This is not exactly how I envisioned 2020.

For someone who is rarely sick and usually not sick enough to go to a doctor, I sure had a lot of doctor appointments last year; but I'm glad to say that I was in good health. That's why I was looking forward to 2020.

Well. . .

In January I had heel surgery scheduled for a persistent pain in my Achilles. I wore a boot to try to fix it, but it was only a temporary fix. Surgery was the only way for it to go away for good, so surgery it was. For the first four weeks after I was using a knee scooter. I then graduated to a boot with a walker.

All was going well until I woke up one morning with double vision that turned into vertigo that would not let up. I spent two weeks in misery. I went to an optometrist who sent me to an ophthalmologist who sent me for an MRI. I ended up in the ER for dehydration. The ER doctor kept me overnight so I could see the neurologist in the morning. The neurologist kept me for THREE days. I have been diagnosed with late-onset MS.

Then came the shutdown and social distancing. It's mainly just me and my mom taking care of the lavender business. We have been waiting it out to make decisions as the dates get closer to our events. May events have been cancelled. We put a hold on our June events but have now decided to cancel those as well. Which means our gift shop will not open in June, and we are not taking any reservations for our workshops or luncheons. It's such a shame! June is our busiest month of the season!

Our facility is too small to accommodate the suggested social distancing guidelines, and Mom and I are both in the vulnerable category, but we are still working! Our online gift shop is open! We can arrange porch pickup or mail delivery of our lavender products.

As the weather gets warmer and I get stronger, we will be planting a new lavender patch. Our lavender field never has recovered from previous winters even though we have planted several times. A smaller patch behind The Farmhouse is in progress. It may be more manageable for me going forward.

I have a few ideas for new products and workshops, so we are using this time to play with those ideas! Follow us on Facebook to weigh in on some of the workshop ideas and enter in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Drawing will take place July 4th.

Dealing with surgery recovery, a life-changing health diagnosis, social distancing, and now no lavender visitors. 2020, I want a do over.

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