Taste of Lavender Dessert Tour

Taste of Lavender Dessert Tour

When you arrive at our farm, we will gladly take you on a tour of the field providing you with background information, how we started our lavender business, and the many uses for lavender. 

After the tour and a leisurely stop at our gift shop, we will provide refreshments for a “Taste of Lavender.”  Our menu changes, but the types of food we provide for tasting include:  Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Rum Cake, Lavender Cookies, Lavender Fudge, and Homemade Rolls with Lavender-infused Honey and Strawberry Lavender Jam.  Please call ahead for reservations.  A group of at least ten is required.
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    A group of at least 10 is required. Please leave name, phone number/e-mail for confirmation to reserve a date.

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