Kentucky Walking Stick
The "Split Tobacco" stick was formed by splitting, oak, ash, or hickory logs by means of a mallet and forged "froe". One log could produce 50 to 100 sticks. These sticks are 80 or more years old and were made at a time when almost everything was made by hand. 

"SPLIT" Tobacco" sticks made by hand are becoming very difficult to obtain, due to the ever increasing numbers of small tobacco farmers going out of the tobacco farming business. The small tobacco farmer will soon be a part of the history of rural Kentucky.

Each tobacco walking stick includes something special, a small piece of Kentucky tobacco inside a brochure explaining the history of the stick.

The Smell of the tobacco in the little bag is sure to bring back many memories if you grew up working on a farm.

Our walking sticks have been preserved and personalized with a hand-painted Kentucky and lavender sprig.

Kentucky Walking Stick