Lavender has been used since ancient times for many different remedies.  Some include:

Treating wounds

Inducing sleep

Repelling insects

Combating acne

Eliminating headaches

Calming nerves during child labor

Alleviating migraines

Calming upset stomach

Easing menstrual pains


Abdominal complaints


Easing stress and anxiety and lifting depression

Breaking up congestion

Reducing high blood pressure and palpitations

Easing digestion, flatulence, and nausea

Alleviating bad breath and toothache

Aroma therapists use it for inhalation therapy to treat nervous disorders and exhaustion.

Herbalists treat skin ailments, such as fungal infections, burns, wounds, eczema, and acne with lavender.

The following are recommended doses for lavender:

​Internal use: 1 to 2 teaspoons of whole herb per cup of water. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes or longer.  Soothes tension and helps insomnia.

External use: Boil dried flowers in 2 to 3 cups of water; inhale vapors for headache, depression, or insomnia.

Topical application: Pour 3/4 cups boiling water over 3 Tablespoons dried lavender buds. Let cool and strain. Can be sprinkled on your pillow for a good night's sleep, or applied to skin to cool, soothe, and refresh.

Lavender Bath: Place 2  tablespoons each of lavender buds and freshly ground oatmeal in a muslin bag.  Tie tightly with a long piece of string. Attach the bag to the bath tub faucet and allow it to hang below the water level. While bathing, rub the bag on the skin to soothe dry and  itchy spots.

Lavender Oil may be used:

  • on burns
  • on insect bites
  • for relief of cuts for speedy healing
  • in a vaporizer to battle colds, coughs, and infections
  • mixed with Witch Hazel and put in a spray bottle to make a cooling mist for your
       body or your pillow
  • added to unscented massage oil for a relaxing and healing body massage.
  • on a folded, wet wash cloth to use as an eye pillow to treat headaches or sinus
       infections; heat in microwave for 60 seconds for a hot compress
  • added to a hot bath for ultimate relaxation
  • to ease aching joints and relieve stress
  • applied at the temples to relieve a headache
  • to aid in the healing process of wounds and scars
  • in your evening bath to unwind
  • rubbed into the wrists or onto the nape of the neck for a calming effect
  • mixed one drop to 5 tablespoons of distilled water for a refreshing cleanser for
       your face (apply with a cotton ball)
  • dabbed onto a blemish to help it disappear
  • placed on a cool light bulb (1-2 drops) to restore balance and alleviate agitation
  • for motion sickness and jet lag -- massage 3-4 drops onto the ankles
  • to calm hyperactive dogs -- massage one drop onto the paws of a frightened dog
       to calm and soothe 

Lavender's effect is calming, uplifting, refreshing, soothing, and purifying.​

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