Lavender in Your Home

Simple ways to bring lavender into every room of your home:

  • adding a bowl of lavender to a table by your front door to greet guests
  • adding lavender oil to a diffuser or mixed with oil in an oil lamp to create a nice aroma
       before entertaining
  • throwing dried lavender stems into a dying fire in the fireplace
  • burning lavender candles to freshen any room
  • hanging door bowers to make a beautiful greeting as we cross the threshold
  • using lavender sachets in clothes closets, drawers, and linen closets
  • using lavender oil in a lamp oil ring to release lavender fragrance from the heat of
       the light bulb
  • renew potpourri with lavender oil
  • adding lavender clippings as mulch to repel insects in the garden and keep mildew at bay
  • ​adding a drop of lavender oil to a paper towel and placing it in the bottom of the
       laundry hamper
  • adding a drop of oil into the final rinse of delicates to add a light lasting fragrance
  • keeping a bowl of fresh or dried lavender flowers in your bedroom
  • adding oil to an air purifier or furnace filter to freshen the whole house
  • using lavender flowers in place of other carpet fresheners
  • placing lavender in your basement to deter insects
  • planting lavender plants around your home, patio, and garden to help repel insects
  • boiling 3 Tablespoons of lavender buds in a quart of water.  After steeping and cooling,
       transfer to a spray bottle to spray pets and their sleeping areas.
  • sprinkling flower buds under couch cushions and other places adding even more lavender
       fragrance when you later vacuum them up
  • adding 8-10 drops of lavender oil to a warm bath before retiring for the evening
  • creating a lavender mineral bath by combining 1/2 cup Epsom salts with 1/2 cup of
       Sea Salt Minerals to 25-50 drops of lavender essential oil.  Leave overnight and then
       use by the handful in a warm bath.

© 2013 by Lavender Hills of Kentucky